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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Beloved-water Motif
Words: 1447 / Pages: 6

.... prison and spent three months there. Buglar and Howard, her two sons, eventually ran away. After about eighteen years, another ex-slave from Sweet Home, Paul D., came to live with Sethe and Denver. A few days later, while coming home from a carnival, Sethe, Paul D., and Denver found a young woman of about twenty on their porch. She claimed her name is Beloved. They took her in and she lived with them. Throughout the novel, Morrison uses many symbols and imagery to express her thoughts and to help us better understand the characters. Morrison uses the motif of water throughout the novel to represent birth, re-birth, and escape to freedom. In Be .....

"Failure Is A Step Towards Success"
Words: 600 / Pages: 3

.... they had left and went out searching for them. He later found Ellen crouched in a drift of sand, the baby had died. So, as you can see Ellen was a very negative type of person, a complete failure. She was always thinking negatively and could never say anything positive about the situation. I think she found later found out how much of a mistake it was when the baby died. It did all create success in the end. The storm finally ended in the three days Paul said it would. Paul accepted Ellen back into the family after she ran away. The last thing was that Paul promised her that he would change his crops, breed cattle and restore the land agai .....

The Grapes Of Wrath: Symbolic Characters
Words: 2893 / Pages: 11

.... attitudes of the citizens of America during the 1930's in his book The Grapes of Wrath. The first aspect of the novel that must be looked at when viewing the symbolic nature is that of the characters created by Steinbeck and how even the smallest facets of their person lead to a much larger meaning. The first goal that Steinbeck had in mind, was to appeal to the common Midwesterner at that time. The best way to go about doing this was to focus on one of the two things that nearly all migrants had in common, which was religion and hardships. Steinbeck creates a story about the journey of a family and mirrors it to that of biblical events. The .....

Dandelion Wine: Douglas
Words: 3325 / Pages: 13

.... seen, but adapted into each and every one of us. It’s called an initiation into maturity. Ray Bradbury, through Doug, shows a young boy entering the difficult task of growing old. He shows Douglas realizing how life can really be and it’s no longer sugarcoated for him. He makes Doug realize that all eternity is a cycle. Something great happens and then it may leave you or fail you but then something new and exciting comes along. This too may bore you or even fail you. All throughout that summer, Douglas sees each cycle for what it really is- real life, not magic. Doug has to go through many things to be officially initiated into maturity. .....

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn: Twain's Development Of The Theme
Words: 623 / Pages: 3

.... him. "But by and by pap got too handy with his hick'ry, and I couldn't stand it. I was all over welts"(24). The way that Pap treats Huck shows the inhumanity of man toward other men and helps to develop the major theme of the novel. The dishonesty of the King and the Duke toward the Wilkes girls also help to develop the major theme of the novel. The Duke and the King take their cruelty to another level because they steal and lie to the Wilkes girls, who are left all alone with no parents. And not sell the rest o' the property? March off like a passel of fools and leave eight or nine thous'n' dollars' worth o' property layin' around jest .....

The Great Gatsby: Nick Versus Gatsby
Words: 1018 / Pages: 4

.... courtesy of Nick, to reveal piece by piece about the mysterious Gatsby. Nick patches the pieces of the puzzle together regarding Gatsby's past and lack of a future. Nick is like the box of a puzzle; the puzzle is impossible to put together without it. Without Nick, the reader's opinion of Gatsby would be drastically different. The reader's opinion would be swayed by the idea that Gatsby becomes rich via bootlegging alcohol and counterfeiting bonds. Nick persuades the observer that Gatsby is "…worth the whole damn bunch (rich class) put together"(162). Even though Gatsby aspires to be part of the upper echelon, he, fortunately, is d .....

Love And Lovability (wuthering
Words: 274 / Pages: 1

.... Heights. In Hindley’s eyes, Heathcliff took his place in the family. He saw Heathcliff as “a usurper of his father’s affections and his privileges.”(42) The young vagabond was quieter and gentler so he became a favourite of Mr. Earnshaw. Hindley’s luck took a turn for the worst when his wife, Frances, died. When she passed away, a part of himself died too. His common sense and rationality slowly disintegrated into ashes. “The servants could not bear his tyrannical and evil conduct long.”(68) He soon turned to alcohol for salvation, but his drinking habits only made him worse. Soon enough, Hindl .....

The Chosen: The Similar Desires Of David Malter And Reb Saunders
Words: 616 / Pages: 3

.... view of his own and his family’s Judaism. He wanted his son to become the next rabbi in the family in order to carry on the family heritage. He also forbade his sons to dress out of the Hasidic uniform. However, David on the other hand, was more relaxed and easy-going about his faith. How his son dressed or what his son was planning to do with his future was not of major concern to him. He enjoyed his son for who he was, whereas Reb was very focused on what he wanted his son to become. Another major difference between Reb and David was their relationship with their sons. Reb had a very silent relationship with Danny, while David had .....

Essay On Lord Of The Flies
Words: 575 / Pages: 3

.... is wearing a mask or has a painted face, evil is at large. The very purpose of a mask is for hiding. The boys use the masks to hide their lust for blood, killing, and death from their consciences. When going to hunt for the first time, "Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness" because he knew that his manner of hunting was evil and would only lead to lascivious killing. While describing that hunt to the boys, Jack was "twitching" and "shuddering" as he talked. He knew it was wrong. Eventually all the savages hid behind their masks when their lust for killing climaxes on the manhunt for Ralph. Throughout all of the story, all huntin .....

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man: Conflicting Desires Within A Doctrine
Words: 852 / Pages: 4

.... to have ivory hands and golden hair, which confuses Stephen with the phrases, "Tower of Ivory" and "House of Gold" which is part of the Roman Catholic Litany of Our Lady. Later when Stephen is at school, he again thinks about Eileen. Stephen gets his first sensual experience from Eileen when she puts her hand into his pocket and touches his hand. Stephen gets quite confused with the terms of the Litany of Our Lady so he starts to associate the "Tower of Ivory" and "House of Gold" to Eileen. The way James Joyce describes the scene, "She had put her hand into his pocket where his hand was and he had felt how cool and thin and soft her hand was." .....

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