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Legal Issues Essay Writing Help

A Working Alternative To Capital Punishment
Words: 1082 / Pages: 4

.... countries, capital punishment is only banned for ordinary crimes and still effective for military crimes or crimes committed in exceptional circumstances such as wartime (Doan, 2). Currently 34 of the states in the U.S. exercise capital punishment. The most recent to abolish capital punishment was Massachusetts, in 1984, and New York, in 1995, was the most recent to reinstate it, according to the NAACP. During 1977 and 1994, Texas executed the highest number of prisoners, a total of 85. As of 1996 there were 3,122 inmates on death row. These convicts could help with government labor with a hope that they might be free someday. Figures show that, wit .....

Crime Prevention
Words: 3220 / Pages: 12

.... to all of these difficult questions. Combining services within the community and involving community members a multi-faceted attack on crime involving situational , environmental design, community-based policing, vigilante justice, and auxiliary justice, in theory, will prevent crime. One of the reasons that community has become popular in the past twenty years is because of the economics of the justice system. The government was facing huge costs and they wanted to divert some responsibility to community based programs. Another reason was that police departments wanted to use the local communities to be their eyes and ears. The reason for this bel .....

Legalization Of Drugs
Words: 2786 / Pages: 11

.... support a drug habit. Another drug that has played a major role in American society is nicotine. For hundreds of years, cigarettes have been a popular legal drug within the United States. Only through legalization and education has the popularity and the use of cigarettes declined within the past ten years. Physically, the actual consequences of using illicit drugs is much less than of using drugs like alcohol or cigarettes and the consequences will be diminished. Illicit drugs can and will be made safer than they are in the present system. In making comparisons, the best is to look at how countries are functioning that have less enforcement on d .....

The Death Penalty Should Continue To Be Used In The U.S.
Words: 1290 / Pages: 5

.... this issue continues to persist with many people questioning if capital punishment is really the answer to solving the problem of crime. The death penalty sh ould beallowed because it is not inhumane but rather fair and it's continued use will end up helping out society in many ways. Many people who oppose the death penalty say it is inhumane and unfair. These people who oppose it say that all human life has the right to be respected. All human life does have the right to be respected but there is a point when that right can be lost, if someone takes the life of another human being then they have given up that right. Another claim the oppose .....

“Smoke” The Prohibition!
Words: 5052 / Pages: 19

.... costs before expanding the "War on Drugs." The following are key terms which I will refer to throughout the research of Drug Prohibition. Illegal drugs is a substance that is conflicting with the law, i.e. cocaine, or heroine. Legal drugs is a substance that is abiding with the law, i.e. buying Advil at the store. Prohibition is the legal ban on the manufacture and sale of intoxicating or harmful drugs, i.e. Alcohol Prohibition. Cartel is a formal or informal agreement among business firms designed to reduce or suppress competition in a particular market; for example, controlling the distribution and production of a drug. Imperialism is a practi .....

"Speed": Methylamphetamine
Words: 864 / Pages: 4

.... drug is to lose weight, which is an extremely unhealthy way of doing it. What Speed does is it effects the middle nervous system, and stimulates the brain. The drug causes insomnia, restlessness, and a fake sense of acting normal. People either snort the drug up the nose or smoke it through the mouth. After staying up for days on Speed the drug where's off and a person will sleep for days, there is a larger fatigue and one will be so damn depressed. I stopped talking to a friend because he was so addicted to this horrible drug called Speed. One thing I noticed is he was a totally different person when he was using speed. Whenever he was high .....

Crime And The Death Penalty
Words: 534 / Pages: 2

.... it is the best way to end crime completely. Others believe that it is totally barbaric and morally wrong. Many people who are against capital punishment are only thinking of the criminal and how cruel it is for them. But, shouldn’t we think of the families that are broken apart now because of the merciless acts of these criminals. Think of Susan Smith, how she knowingly drove her car off into a lake with her two children strapped to the seats. Think of how they must have felt as the cold water started to fill the cabin of the car, and then ultimately drown them. Barbaric is exactly the word I would use to describe her actions. But yet, the jury re .....

Crime In The United States
Words: 845 / Pages: 4

.... dropped 3 percent. Crime Volume: In 1995, the Crime Index total of 13.9 million offenses, 1 percent lower than the 1994 total and 7 percent lower than the 1991 total, represented the fourth consecutive annual decline. A comparison with 1986 figures, however, showed a 5- percent increase over the last 10-year period. By region, the Southern States recorded 38 percent of all Crime Index offenses reported to law enforcement. The lowest volume was reported in the Northeastern States, accounting for 16 percent of the total. All regions except the West showed Crime Index decreases compared to 1994 figures. Property valued at $15.6 billion was stole .....

Capital Punishment: Against
Words: 2132 / Pages: 8

.... which it has failed to curb. Capital punishment is immoral and unethical. It does not matter who does the killing because when a life is taken by another it is always wrong. By killing a human being the state lessens the value of life and actually contributes to the growing sentiment in today's society that certain individuals are worth more than others. When the value of life is lessened under certain circumstances such as the life of a murderer, what is stopping others from creating their own circumstances for the value of one's life such as race, class, religion, and economics. Immanual Kant, a great philosopher of ethics, came up .....

THe Use Of Marijuana
Words: 589 / Pages: 3

.... cigarettes. Cigarettes are legal. It is legal in America for an individual to smoke seven cigarettes at once. According to doctors, there is no other physical harm caused to an individual due to smoking weed other than the affect on their lungs. Alcohol can cause liver disease, obesity, death, and many other health problems; however, it is legal. Marijuana doesn't cause more harmful affects to an individual than alcohol or tobacco does. Even so, marijuana's recreational use is still illegal in America. No Limit rapper Snoop Dogg says in a recent interview with "High Times," If the government was to legalize marijuana, the crime rate would go .....

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