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Music Essay Writing Help

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Words: 639 / Pages: 3

.... Both played the keyboard, but Wolfgang became a violin virtuoso as well. In 1762 the Mozart children played at court in Vienna; the Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Emperor Francis I, received the Mozarts cordially. During a large European concert tour (1763- 66) the Mozart children displayed their talents to audiences in Germany, in Paris, at court in Versailles, and in London (where Wolfgang wrote his first symphonies and was befriended by Johann Christian Bach, whose musical influence on Wolfgang was profound). In Paris, Wolfgang published his first works, four sonatas for clavier with accompanying violin (1764). In 1768 he composed h .....

Greg Graffin
Words: 867 / Pages: 4

.... "Punkness". "There were three people at my high school who were punkers, I mean I got beat up everyday by long haired people who listened to Rush and would beat me up because I didn't. When he was fifteen he started a band with other social outcasts who didn't quite fit in. They settled on the name BAD RELIGION. Bad Religion does not pertain to any kind of sacrilegious activities or the like. Instead it is a statement against any establishment that promotes dogmatic thinking or punishes individualism and rewards followers. Greg once said in an interview "Instead of rewarding uniqueness we, for some reason probably because of cultural and socia .....

Jimi Hendrix
Words: 873 / Pages: 4

.... become an accomplished guitarist, and was soon to become known as the greatest guitarist ever (Stambler, pg. 290). However, he did not start out at the top. Jimi started out playing as part of the back-up for small time R & B groups. It did not take long before his work was in demand with some of the best known artists in the field, such as B.B. King, Ike and Tina Turner, Solomon Burke, Jackie Wilson, Littler Richard, Wilson Pickett, and King Curtis (Clifford, pg. 181). Using the name Jimmy James, he toured with a bunch of R & B shows, including six months as a member of James Brown's Famous Flames (Stambler, pg. 290). At the Cafe Wha! in New York, in .....

"On Experiencing Verdi's Aida"
Words: 288 / Pages: 2

.... have been much better if I saw it live, it was a great first impression. I thought that all of the characters were very well casted. I did think that even though they were all very talented singers, they could have used more facial expressions and gestures to play out their emotions to match the scenes and the music. Out of all the characters, I liked Aida the most. I thought that she carried herself very well and gave a fantastic performance. She also had great chemistry with Radames. Radames too, showed little or no change in his voice or actions to display the full range of emotions that he experienced. One of the characters that h .....

Industrial Music
Words: 561 / Pages: 3

.... and misery. The founder and leader of the industrial revolution is the band Nine Inch Nails. Most people do not classify Nine Inch Nails as a band though. The writer, producer, lead vocalist, keyboarder and guitarist of the band is Trent Reznor. For the past two years, Trent has been the artist of the year in Spin magazine and NIN has been the number two band of the year. In 1994, Nine Inch Nails was announced MTV's band of the year. This was a great honor because MTV spends most of it's time with rap and hip-hop. When NIN's first album came out in 1989, it was mostly rock and roll with a techno twist, containing songs full of depressing, .....

Gangsta Rap: Crime
Words: 621 / Pages: 3

.... fact does not comfort someone when listening to Snoop Doggy Dog or Ice Cube talk of sex, violence, beatings, and suicide. Hollywood, the country's Mecca for TV and movies, is another contaminated disaster area. This area has given us hero's such as Clint Eastwood, Humphrey Bogart, and Bruce Willis. Once filmmakers would evoke sexual interests through eye contact or a touch of the leg. Today cinematographers resort to graphic sexual acts and horrific beatings. A poll by Newsweek stated that sexual moderation and fidelity are normal for both married people and for those who live together. In contrast, 7 out of 8 televised sexual encounters involv .....

WoodStock Music Festival
Words: 1489 / Pages: 6

.... they called WoodStock Music and Art Fair. The festival was expected to attract 50,000 to 100,000 people. After a long search for a large enough space, the partners eventually rented a field from a local dairy farmer, Max Yasgur, who owned land about 48miles from Woodstock, in the town of Bethel. Early in the week before the festival, it became clear that the event as going to draw a much larger audience than expected. By the day before the official opening, traffic jams miles long blocked most roads leading to the area. On Friday, August 15, when the festival began, its management was unable to watch the estimated 400,000 or more people coming into .....

The Motown Sound
Words: 754 / Pages: 3

.... that follow their illresponsible actions? Sexually transmitted diseases, intellectual deficits, less time spent with family and friends, and getting to know your little sister or brother before they grow up and you don't realize who they are anymore, are all associated with the involvement of Hip Hop music. It guides these youths into the misconceptions about family and life. If one should possess to get involved with music, they should choose one in which it is centered on realistic life events. This music represents a time when love is considered to be serious, captivating, and romantic. It focuses on getting people to realize and com .....

Substance Abuse And Musicians
Words: 507 / Pages: 2

.... singer of Sublime, up to his eventual death due to an overdose on drugs. Or, the events of the life of Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, throughout his years as a drug user. Research questions may be: why do rock star’s turn to drugs when they already have all they need? What led Brad Nowell (or any musician) to drugs? What are the fatalities of substance abuse in rock stars? The reason I am interested in this topic is not only because it can hold my interest, but I also want to see if I can analyze some reasons for turning to drugs. I am planning on majoring in psychology and I think this is part of the whole analysis that psychologists like to us .....

The Beatles
Words: 508 / Pages: 2

.... Starkey). Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as drummer. Pete Best was an original member of the group. The Beatles created a unique and varied sound that fans continue to enjoy and bands continue to model, even today. One of their greatest albums was the creative Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This particular album was admired for it's harmony and lyrics, the added use of electronic music techniques, and the addition of the Indian sitar sound. Though the songs were inspired by simple, everyday things, the album was acclaimed as the pinnacle of rock-and-roll's new elegance. The album's finale, John Lennon's, "A Day in the Life", is the .....

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