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Creative Writing Essay Writing Help

Creative Writing: My Idea Of Where The Heck Life Came From
Words: 337 / Pages: 2

.... a few small creatures were still alive – caught in the hairballs. After these cats left, these little martian bugs and small furry animals resembling monkeys crawled out of the hairballs and from that evolved into what we know as life today. Wouldn't my idea of the theory of life work? I mean, they did find these little microorganisms in the rocks on Mars. Also, bribed sources from inside the Pentagon and NASA have quoted that they have found bone fragments of what appear to be little creatures resembling monkeys, and also these balls of hair with an unknown origin. Really. I Promise. Want more proof? Remember that face on Mars? The one in the C .....

The Murderous Miracle: Sherlock Homes - Creative Story
Words: 2532 / Pages: 10

.... to Holmes' mindless banter. He only smiled and said "See for yourself,my good man, look through the window onto the common, and tell me what you see..." I did as he told, clearing my eyes, and to my shock I saw the townspeople all about in their daily hustle and bustle which was common to northern London preceding teatime. "Well, it appears you are right! People are at work, conducting their business and the like. I'm awfully sorry, I'm just rather irritable in the morning." "Quite alright my friend, it's understandable, tell me, what else do you see at the window?" Holmes calmly stated. "Well, Nothing out of the ordinar .....

Finding A Job
Words: 1191 / Pages: 5

.... her in Independence, Kansas. I learned much about the music business in that time and suddenly it didn't seem as enchanting as it had before. The knowledge I had gained during this time was beneficial, but the ego's that were involved were more than I could deal with at that time.I enjoyed the job greatly but the pay was not steady. I then started looking for employment that would provide a more stable income. I applied at many different businesses and got no response. However I just kept on applying anywhere I could find that would let me. My neighbor from across the street, came to my door one day and asked if I needed a job. She said .....

Creative: In The Lamp Light
Words: 1873 / Pages: 7

.... white sideburns, and a distant manner that added to the impression of nobility. I sucked a slow, deep breath between pursed lips and held it, as if I had a cigarette. First I remembered the smoke warm and biting; then I remembered it menthol-cool. Where the second person came from, I'm not certain. I was surprised to hear Howard's voice, strong and clear from across the driveway. "I know you, Roy Best," he said. "I know about you and Mary. You want to take her away from me." Roy was a short man who walked with the help of a cane. I'd seen him during the afternoon, sitting in the lounge, talking to the prettiest woman in Pi .....

Creative Writing: An Unforgivable Choice
Words: 2180 / Pages: 8

.... man ask Lucinda to see her ticket and then Lucinda said “my stepbrother is under six years old”. The train stopped again and almost every body hurried out. “Why are you in the train and where's your m other?” Lucinda asked. “My mother said that I was old enough to take care of my self. So my mother sat me on the train and said that if there came any of the cruel men I should hurry out, and I don't believe in Santa. But if you do he properly heard you lien, I'm 7” Jason said “Would you like to buy some christmaspresents with me?” Lucinda asked. “I don't know -maybe some of the shopasistents will recognise me, and I'm really not s .....

Creative Writing: Apocalypse At The Nuclear Plant
Words: 884 / Pages: 4

.... "Am I late?" he queried. "No time for that, no time for that damnit!" Jarvis seemed very upset about something to say the least. "Well, what is it?" Pete asked with a look of haste swimming across his face. Jarvis lead Pete over to the main testing area. "We discovered this late last night. Seems one of the plutonium pieces is…," he paused with a gulp, "changing." "Changing?!?!" "You better believe it because it took me an hour to comprehend what is going on." "What exactly IS going on?" Jarvis explained in his own special slightly whiny voice that he chose to break out only in large meetings but decided to give Pete the thrill of hea .....

Medievel Knights: Creative Essay
Words: 1325 / Pages: 5

.... Dolan wandered around his castle feeling nothing but sorrow. He dare not leave his castle for fear that his enemies were plotting revenge against him and his kingdom. On a certain day, Sir Rowa approached him and asked,"Sir, what bothers you so that you seem to be flooded with sadness?" "Ah, my brother Rowa, you have heard of Queen Ariah's kidnapping. This is what bothers me so. Without her, I am lost." "Sir Dolan," Rowa replied, "I am ashamed that such a strong and distinguished warrior as yourself has given up hope of rescuing his beloved Queen from the evil Sir Francais. I tell you, Sir, that it is not for a man of your honor to grieve and .....

Words: 793 / Pages: 3

.... he does something about it. All through his life, Equality thinks he is not capable of accomplishing anything. Through time though, he discovers that he is capable of doing many things by himself and more importantly that he is an individual. When he is in the tunnel, he discovers a light. This provides him with the confidence that he is able to do things. Other experiences, such as falling in love with Liberty and seeing his reflection in the pond also help him to believe in himself as a strong individual. Equality later realizes that he has commited sins as he was growing up. He thinks by showing his invention to the House of Scholars that he would .....

Creative Writing: The Pearl - Continuation
Words: 573 / Pages: 3

.... He turned to awaken Juana. He told her to pack the essentials, he wanted to get an early start to the city. Juana awoke without a fuss. As Juana started to pack she thought about Coyotito. She told Kino that it might be dangerous traveling that long of a distance. Kino told her to bring him to the house of his brother Juan Tomas. She did and Juan Tomas and his wife Apolonia said that they would gladly take care of him. She thanked them and went back to Kino. He had just finished packing. He then grabbed a few corn cakes and they started on their long journey. As they arrived in the city they had found that it had almost entirely changed. The str .....

Creative Writing: Slave Story
Words: 1278 / Pages: 5

.... so much. So one night, he thought of a plan. He told me “Clare, I’m gonna get you outa here soon.” He thought to run away one night and run to freedom. I got worried. I knew that if we got caught, that the white people would punish us. I never learned to read or write. My dad said that if the white people knew I could read and write that they would end up selling you. And I didn’t want that. I never had known my mother. Father said that she died in the course of having me. I felt sad because I felt it was my fault she died. Father said it was nobody’s fault and that he’s very happy I was born. And that he’s happy I am his d .....

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