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Creative Writing Essay Writing Help

Description Of A Bedroom
Words: 276 / Pages: 2

.... of swirl design in it. Next to the garbage can is a white plastic clothes basket. This is jammed tight between the garbage can and the desk, which sits near the corner. The tops of the desk are white, but the supports are black. School books cover the bottom shelf, while the next two have miscellaneous items on them. On the top shelf, an encased basketball sits. It's an Olympic ball dipped in gold. Next to the ball, hanging on the gray, black, and white marble-like painted walls, is a tournament bracket for last year's College Basketball Championship. Under the bracket is the light switch, and next to it is a black light. The next wall is bar .....

Personal Writing: Our Vacation In The Sierra Nevada Mountains
Words: 827 / Pages: 4

.... fishing poles, loaded the camper and were on are way. Our drive lasted for four very long hours before we got to the Postpile campground. We hitched are camp and made ourselves right at home knowing we would be there for a while. We could'nt ask for better weather, the sun was blazin and the temperature was an awesome 85 degrees for fishing the San Juaqin river. We found ourselves the trail that lead to the postpile, twisting and turning along the green, damp trial until we came upon a sight that every human being should lay their eyes on, Devils Postpile. Enormous rocks all rubbing against one another scalling the sky. Jumping my wa .....

Creative Writing: The Drunken Mage
Words: 366 / Pages: 2

.... "I will play you for the money, without magic" . They decided to have a game of 501, and after playing for a while, Felmont had beaten the Mage. Then after a few minutes the Mage walked over to the bar and ordered a gallon of ale and began to guzzle the ale very quickly. After the Mage had finished his ale, he was an angry and drunken Mage who was tempted to destroy the small village. Felmont was leaving the tavern when he saw a large bolt of lightning smash a small vendor's cart that caught on fire. Behind his back, the elf heard the Mage starting another chant. Felmont pulled out his small warhammer and took a large swing at the Mage' .....

The Loss Of A Friend
Words: 514 / Pages: 2

.... to say to make it better. It was such a helpless feeling. Her brother was just taken away from her and there was nothing I could do to ease her pain. I left her house feeling empty and scared. The funeral would be in two days and Amanda needed me to be there for her. The next two days seemed to drag. Dread and anxiety filled my body. The day was coming and I had no idea what to expect. The day of the funeral was a beautiful summer day. The sky was blue with not one cloud visible. It seemed ironic that a day filled with such sorrow had such a gorgeous setting. I remember walking into the funeral home seeing so many faces filled with pain. Amanda .....

Going Out On My Own
Words: 761 / Pages: 3

.... was leaving his job at Kellyís, a local restaurant in downtown Norman, and thought I might be interested in replacing him. I came down and met with Rick Rubinski, the owner, who turned out to be an old hippie friend of my fatherís from the early seventies, and was hired on the spot. I was hired as a cook and was soon running the kitchen for the day shift. Our menu mainly consisted of home cooked favorites such as boiled pot roast with new potatoes and honey glazed carrots, meat loaf with a spicy tomato sauce, and my personal favorite chicken fried steak. Our chicken fried steak was a half-pound monster that was double breaded, deep-fried and se .....

Personal Writing: Exchange Student In Japan
Words: 2337 / Pages: 9

.... different would be where we lived and who we would live with. As the flight, Northwest number 69 to Detroit was called I could hardly wait and I jumped up, not being able to wait to board. We needed to travel to Detroit to get our connection flight to Osaka, Kansai International Airport. As soon as the plane took off it landed. Detroit was a very quick flight, only about an hour. Being a little nervous about not having enough time to make our flight I urged everyone to hurry along and to try and walk fast so that we could make our connection. Little did I know to my surprise after literally storming through the airport, the flight was delayed. Well t .....

Words: 898 / Pages: 4

.... as those lethal bullets found their way into his parents. Then, maybe then, things would have been different. Jimmy couldn't really blame himself. After all, what could a fifteen year old boy be expected to do under those circumstances? His parents had dreamed of a better life. A life that would bring prosperity and success for the family, specifically for him. They had heard there was rich, fertile land out west. Sadly enough, his parents' last breaths were drawn only a few hundred miles from their dream. They had been murdered for nothing more than the few dollars and a couple of small pieces of jewelry that they had possessed. The m .....

Creative Writing: The Nightmare
Words: 534 / Pages: 2

.... the night in wanton lust and desire for hot human flesh. I feast first on dainty tidbits such as freshly plucked eyeballs, colored with fear and aversion. I lick the sauce from the sockets, before beginning upon cocktail fingers and toes. Then pulling off a meaty drumstick, I feed the genitals and the guts to my Children of the Night, giving the young first choice. There is plenty to go around. Often mortals have asked why the wolves follow me and why I allow them to do so. Ours is a symbiotic relationship. I feed them, and they clean up after me. Simple, is it not? One cannot just leave all of those corpses and torn parts afield, now can one? .....

Hatchet: The Will To Survive
Words: 1288 / Pages: 5

.... surface of the lake, and Brian is able to recover the survival pack from the plane. The survival pack turns out to be a real treasure because it contains the following: food, gun, sleeping bag, cookset, knife, emergency transmitter, and a first aid kit. The action occurs after Brian gets all of the survival supplies out of the survival pack. While Brian is fixing himself food that came from the survival pack, he tries to figure out how the emergency transmitter works by flicking the switch. Brian thinks that the transmitter is broken because he does not understand its function. The climax of the story occurs when the plane flies over and lands on t .....

Personal Biography Of Sean McEndree
Words: 534 / Pages: 2

.... their lives or were very humorous. They found it amusing taking turns hurting each other, but in playful technique. They were periodically mistaken for the wrong gender. They never wore matching outfits and they looked differently. They frequently played together, careful not to leave one out. They had fights here and there, but never stayed mad for a long time. They cared for each other sincerely. They both joined soccer teams at the age of six or seven. And when it was time to begin school, they shared a special bond. Sean went to first grade through fourth with his sister at Glenwood School. He still played soccer with his friends. But then .....

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