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Health Essay Writing Help

Anabolic Steroids
Words: 922 / Pages: 4

.... Not since the development of the anabolic steroid has any performance enhancer been so effective and so desired by athletes. Today, black market sales of anabolic steroids are topping $400 million per year. One million Americans, half of them adolescents, use black market steroids (Schrof, 54). Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds that resemble the natural male sex hormone testosterone. Male hormones have two different effects in the body. Hormones have an anabolic effect, which stimulates growth, and they have an androgenic effect, which increases male sexual characteristics. Anabolic steroids are constructed synthetically to maximiz .....

Cardiovascular Disease
Words: 1330 / Pages: 5

.... from it each day. Of those with heart disease, 52.2 percent are male and 47.8 percent are female. Of thirty-five countries surveyed in 1991, the United States cardiovascular death rate ranked 17th for both males and females. The highest death rates were in the Soviet Union, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. The lowest were in Japan, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Canada. (Goldstein, 1995) Biological theories abound state that women tend to have better chances of not developing Cardiovascular disease. In one study, (Mendelson, 1999) Estrogen therapy in postmenopausal women has been associated with a decreased risk o .....

Treating Anaphylaxix
Words: 858 / Pages: 4

.... several anaphylactic reactions can also present with differing symptoms. Physiologically speaking, the two main effects of the body's released mediators (IgE) during an anaphylactic reaction are smooth muscle contraction and vasodilatation, which cause most of the body's adverse symptoms. (JAMA, 11/26/82) Since the most life threatening reactions usually involve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, that is where emergency treatment is focused. In the cardiovascular system, a combination of vasodilatation, increased vascular permeability, tachcycardia, and arrhythmias can lead to severe hypotension. In the respiratory system, the swelling o .....

Two Brains?
Words: 1112 / Pages: 5

.... the body (this is reversed in about half of the 15 percent of the population that is left-handed) and, in essence, is logical analytical, judgemental and verbal. It's interested in the bottom line, in being efficent. The right brain controls the left side of the body and leans more to the creative, the intuitive. It is concerned more with the visual and emotional side of life. Most people, if they thought about it, would identify more with their left brain. In fact, many of us think we are our left brains. All of that non- stop verbalization that goes on in our heads is the dominant left brain talking to itself. Our culture- particula .....

The Pituitary Gland And Dwarfism
Words: 440 / Pages: 2

.... extremities resulting from absorption of cartilaginous tissue during the fetal stage, spinal tuberculosis, and deficiency of the secretions of the pituitary gland or of the ovary. Causes of pituitary dwarfism may vary. Abnormally short height in childhood may be due to the pituitary gland not functioning correctly, resulting in underproduction of growth hormone. This may result from a tumor in the pituitary gland, absence of the pituitary gland, or trauma. Growth retardation may become evident in infancy and persists throughout childhood. Normal puberty may or may not occur depending on the degree of pituitary insufficiency that is present, whi .....

Words: 619 / Pages: 3

.... the nerve to reach the central nervous system (CNS) where it reproduces itself, and will then travel down nerves to the salivary glands and replicate further. The time it takes to do this depends on the length of the nerve it must travel - a bite on the foot will have a much lengthier incubation period than a facial bite would. This period may last from two weeks to six months, and often the original wound will have healed and been forgotten by the time symptoms begin to occur. Symptoms in humans present themselves in one of two forms: ‘furious rabies', or ‘ dumb rabies'. The former is called such because of the severe nature and range of the s .....

Legalization Of Abortion
Words: 959 / Pages: 4

.... believe that the unborn infant is not a human, but an organ or part of the woman's body, which would make the act of aborting the child just the same as removing an appendix. This problem of when life begins stems from the inconsistencies which come from the case of Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court interrupted that by the ninth and fourteenth amendments that a woman has the right to an abortion. The court that day, however, did not rule when a life begins for a human. If society is to assume that a fetus is a human the second it leaves the uterus, then what is the unborn baby three minutes from birth , a monkey. When an unborn baby is aborted, socie .....

Words: 707 / Pages: 3

.... infected. Even though they don't look or feel sick, they can still infect others. When the symptoms do start to happen they can be like the ones of many common sicknesses such as swollen glands, coughing, fever, and diarrhea. It is usually characterized by severe weight loss and fatigue. The AIDS disease makes the less serious conditions harder for your body to control or get rid of because of the loss of many of the white blood cells in your body. The most common causes of death for the people with AIDS are pneumonia and Kaposi's sarcoma. Kaposi's sarcoma which shows up as purple lesions on the skin and tumors known as B-cell lymphomas have affe .....

How Psychology Can Help Enhance Health Care Delivery
Words: 268 / Pages: 1

.... that can influence a typical health care scenario; these are obedience, conformity and compliance. These qualities shall be explored in great depth revealing how the knowledge of psychology can help enhance a health care delivery. Obedience, conformity and complience are known to depend on what is at risk, whata person loses will dtermine what he/she is going to do and to what extent the person carries given orders,(Rungapadiachy(1990 p.1). The Focus of this discussion is to highlight on three crucial qualities that can influence a typical health care scenario; these are obedience, conformity and compliance. These qualities shall be expl .....

Words: 515 / Pages: 2

.... DNA has shown that there are numerous types of changes in the genes of those with albinism, including within families. The most common types of oculocutaneous albinism are called "ty-negative" and "ty-positive". Persons with ty-negative albinism have no melanin pigmentation, and more difficulty with vision. Those with ty-positive albinism have very slight pigmentation, and generally less severe visual difficulties. Tests were done on the hair roots of individuals with albinism, to tell these types of albinism apart. However, these hair tests cannot identify types of albinism, particularly in young children, whose pigment systems are immature. The .....

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