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Music Essay Writing Help

Personal Writing: A Beck Concert
Words: 447 / Pages: 2

.... that all away. A creation is right. I'm not sure where the childish behavior would get them, but obviously not far. I don't think I would chose my future over having "fun", if that's what they think they were doing. They worked so hard, and they mess it all up in one day. The articles gives some hints here and there, about this "circus" behavior had maybe a little to do with the bands past experiences. It took them forever to make there song a hit, but now that it's there, all they think is about the past, and how terrible it was. Personally, I think that to blame the future on the past is some- what ridicules. The past is over with, you should r .....

Appearance Vs. Reality Of Modern Music Affect On Teenagers
Words: 1124 / Pages: 5

.... reasons why teenagers cling to "rock stars", but there are always more popular reasons than others. One main reason that this occurs is because of the accessibility of what these "rock stars" are publishing. Think of all the things that teenagers have in front of them day-in, day-out; radio, television, clothes of peers etc. All of which are covered with popular musicians. So if they are so accessible then most people are aware of this so they start to pay attention to it, they see these extravagant people with no boundaries, limits or regulations. Most of modern "rock stars" have a catch something that stands out from the rest which leads to p .....

Music And The Global Perspective
Words: 859 / Pages: 4

.... Other styles, including jazz, blues, and various ethnic music, are the result of a blending of cultures and traditions. All these styles constitute an important part of music in American society, styles that constitute American music. The ethnic diversity: part of the cultural richness of our nation is derived from its ethnic diversity and its large number of ethnic groups. Immigrant groups may have partially assimilated into the mainstream of our society while retaining the songs, dances, instruments, languages (at least accent and inflection), fashion, food, and lifestyles of their native cultures. In many cases, the merging of cultural trad .....

The Consumer And The Gimmick
Words: 1192 / Pages: 5

.... to put at least some blame on the bands themselves. They feel that it is part of their job to indulge our wants. We as lovers of what these songwriters do are appalled and disgusted by hearing anything but the best from our favorite bands. Once we have what we want it's not long before we want more. This is because we consume the musicians' talents like a fast food happy meal. We open the box, take out the toy, throw away the contents, and then bitch about being hungry. When we do this we always say, "It's a cool song, but they are a one hit wonder." We the hungry consumer do not give the bands a chance to show their true musical talents. One .....

History Of Rock And Roll
Words: 1286 / Pages: 5

.... very popular and given the label of rhythm and blues (R&B). This music was carried on radio and popular with the disc jockeys. In the mid 50's, Chuck Berry and Little Richard were popular and changed the face of music, which was named rock and roll by the D.J.'s. 1956-1962 At age 21, in 1956, Elvis Presley was introduced to the public with his rockabilly style of music. His first record, "Heartbreak Hotel" was recorded. It was the first of a consecutive 14 records to sell over one million copies. He inspired other country singers to sing rock and roll. This started a trend for "cover" recordings. This was when white singers simplified .....

A Touch Of Jazz
Words: 1920 / Pages: 7

.... but simply the different relationship between them? Most West African languages had evolved not only from vowels and consonants but also from a third element of articulation which was based simultaneously on variation of pitch, timbre and timing. West African drum language was not a primitive sort Morse code but a phonetic reproduction of the sound of words; only languages dependent on pitch, vibrato and timing lend themselves to such treatment. The time element was the easiest to reproduce on a drum had, changes of vibrato were effected by vibrating the knees while holding the drum tightly clasped to the armpit, changes of pitch were effected by .....

Appalachian Musicians And Singers And The Songs They Write
Words: 613 / Pages: 3

.... song. Singers and song writers like Tennessee Ernie Ford and Ernest Tub have left us with joy in our harts and tears in our eyes. Singing and listening to songs like The Old Rugged Cross has carried over from generation to generation in Appalachia. Another branch of Appalachian music that encircle around religion is bluegrass. One of the best known Bluegrass artists (Bill Monroe)Known also as the father of bluegrass music, dedicated a portion of every performance to a gospel bluegrass harmony number. Bluegrass became popular in the region for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was the inexpensiveness of home made instruments.(Ergood and .....

The Clifford Ball
Words: 943 / Pages: 4

.... was a good 6 hours up I-87 from quiet River Vale, New Jersey. So we spent most of the afternoon at Shop-rite, Campmor, and Ramsey outdoor. We had sleeping bags, coolers of beer, soda, food, and more beer, tents, stoves, lanterns, bug torches, and clothes. At around 12 midnite Friday morning we hit the road and embarked, on what would be a scared trip. Tom drove the van with his brother and myself. Tim in his red Festiva with Joe and Sean, and Beau in his blue Festiva with Alex. Stopping only to piss and re-fuel, we busted up to Plattsburg, arriving around 6am. It was amazing to see all the VW Westvalias up I-87 with Steal you Face, and danci .....

The Verve Pipe: The Freshman - Analysis
Words: 387 / Pages: 2

.... of this we never talk of our lacking relationships and how we're guilt stricken sobbing with our heads on the floor we fell through the ice when we tried not to slip, we'd say When you are young you always think, well that would never happen to me . Or even almost have a view that you were indestructible. You could never die, I am too young. We have everything worked out, everything planned. This was kind of the story between this girl and guy. The girl was stubborn and no matter how many people told her she was wrong in here was, she though she knew everything. Nothing bad could ever happen to her. She kept doing wha .....

The History Of Greek Music
Words: 1150 / Pages: 5

.... the notation to make an authentic performance. For the Greeks, music was of divine origin. According to Greek mythology, the gods themselves invented music and it's instruments. Many of the early myths told of the powerful effects of music. Music played an important part in both the public and private lives of the Greeks. They believed it could deeply affect human behavior. Greek music was built up of a series of distinct modes, each with it's own name. According to the doctrine of ethos, each mode was so powerful that it gave music the ability to influence human actions in a precise way. The Phrygian mode expressed passionate and intimate emoti .....

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