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US History Essay Writing Help

The Tuskegee Airmen
Words: 1495 / Pages: 6

.... United States Air Force, as the inevitable came when America engaged herself in the war. The airmen weren’t granted the right to fly instantaneously however, as there were many barriers, which prevented it from happening too quickly. Even still, after granted the right to fly, their superior officers who, by no doubt, were white continually faced them with borders and barriers of racism and discrimination. Although these men were discriminated against by their own countrymen because of the color of their skin, they nonetheless displayed valor and courage, revealing that they were in fact Americans who ironically fought for freedom regardless of the .....

The Arts And Crafts Debate
Words: 1616 / Pages: 6

.... is no clear and decisive interpretation of definition between arts and crafts and that depending on the contexts it is put into there can be a certain amount of transgression between the two worlds. Becker defines craft as the following, “In the pure folk definition the craft consists of a body of knowledge and skill which can be used to produce useful objects”. Or from the slightly different point of view, it consists of the ability to perform in a useful way. He goes on to outline the tangible aspects of usefulness, depending upon the context they are used in, being the external or internal factors of the world referred to. In addition to function .....

The Whites Versus Native And African Americans
Words: 1243 / Pages: 5

.... such as, the Fort Laramie and Medicine Lodge treaties, and the legislative action called the Dawes Act. All of these impacted the Native Americans lifestyle. The Fort Laramie Treaty was put into affect in 1868 which was enacted to reduce conflict between the pioneers and the Native Americans. The government forced the Native Americans to reside on reservations in which they could not leave without the permission of the government agency created to oversee their safety. They had to live, hunt, and survive living in a fixed boundary. The Medicine Lodge Treaty stated that the plains tribes were confined on two reservations. The northern reservation .....

Liberal Arts
Words: 391 / Pages: 2

.... education, the resulting idea(s) and/or concept(s) is derived from the combination used to create it. A education provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many fields allowing students to create new theories and inventions. With this foundation, there are endless possibilities that students can expand and build on what others have learned rather than wasting time on what has already been discovered. In order to illustrate, I'll use the example of the telephone. The telephone was an ingenious invention that was combined with the innovation of a free thinker, Alexander Graham Bell. Bell created the first working telephone and the impact of the tele .....

Ancient Japanese Art
Words: 2150 / Pages: 8

.... hour had passed and I had to get going soon. I sat down by this rather sloppy scroll of a landscape and found it much more real than anything else there. I selected Along the Wu River. It was done by a man named Shen Zhou who was born in China in 1947 and died in 1509. I liked some of the pieces that were showcased on the floor, but this is the one that I found to be a little mysterious. When I first saw this piece of work I questioned its value and just why it was in the museum because two feet away on either side of it were beautiful inkings and paintings. I looked back in the middle and found this piece of art to be more of a piece of crap. .....

A Discussion On The Myth And Failure Of Reconstruction Following The Civil War, And How This Failure Impacted And Changed America
Words: 5063 / Pages: 19

.... a northern editor, 'but they do not necessarily convert.'"(Tindall 451) Now the difficult questions of Reconstruction began to appear. "How were new governments to be formed? How and at whose expense was the South's economy to be rebuilt? What was to be done with the freed slaves?"(Tindall 451) "Reconstruction was intended as a device by which the defeated states of the Southern Confederacy would be joined again to the Union, the more than four million black freedmen living within them absorbed politically and economically in a nation reunited by the force of arms, and safeguards provided against any possible renewal of rebellion."(Carter 11) Recons .....

Violations Of The Declaration Of Human Rights During The Salem Witch Trials
Words: 673 / Pages: 3

.... rocks. If the declaration had been functioning during those past moments, it would have occured, most likely, that the victims of the illegal charge of witchcraft, might have been given a life-time jail sentence and not the death-penalty by being hanged or crushed. Another article that had been clearly violated during the Salem witch trials was article five, which states that "everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law". Many thought of the women accused of practicing witchcraft to be diabolic and inhuman ; in fact, they were thought of human figures of the devil. This would clearly interfere with th .....

Lady Macbeth Character Analysis
Words: 491 / Pages: 2

.... Be so much more the man.” Later on in the play, Lady Macbeth begins to show some small signs of weakness. The first sign of weakness comes in Act II, Scene 2 when she says that she could not kill Duncan because he resembled her father. She explains, “Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done’t.” The other example of some weakness in Lady Macbeth’s character is in Act III, Scene 2 when she tries to comfort Macbeth by telling him not to worry about what he has done to Duncan and is about to do to Banquo. She tells him, “How now, my lord! Why do you keep alone, Of sorriest fancies your companions making, Using those thoughts which s .....

Classification Music
Words: 702 / Pages: 3

.... "Happy circus music" is one name that I've heard it being called. It's the local bands that kids get together in small clubs to hang out and watch. It's usually a nice and friendly atmousfear. Everyone says hello to the person who's dancing next to them. It's a place where you can meet people and not get judged right off the bat. It's an easy going show that kids can go to and stay out of trouble. Many of the kids there are "sXe - straightedge" That means that the person is against drinking smoking and drugs. That's why parents aprrove that that kind of music. It's happy music that does not alarm them. Then there the music that parents wish .....

World War 2 And The American Navy
Words: 292 / Pages: 2

.... war. America even gave away supplies such as warships, food, and medicine. America was extremely supportive of the war as long as they didn’t have to get in the trenches of it. They supported the British forces by fulfilling much needed supplies. America gave the British Parliament 7 billion dollars’ worth of American accouterments in 1942. Life on board these great sea giants wasn’t so spectacular. Hundreds of sailors had to live in cramped spaces sometimes without air-conditioning or heating. As the war progressed accommodations were made radically better by being given more refrigeration spaces and spacious rooms. The American Navy had a lot .....

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