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Alcohol And Its Effects On Humans

Beginning of paper
Does alcohol have any effect on human aggression? Americans are very concerned today over violent crime. This is probably because the US violent crime rate has been increasing. A violent crime occurs every sixteen seconds in the U.S. (Adler 1994). According to Pernanen (1991), studies already ....

Middle of paper
.... in the U.S. According to Buss (1961), there is direct physical aggression, physical-indirect aggression, verbal-direct and verbal indirect aggression. Graphs showed the results of the experiments. They show alcohol does cause aggression. Larger efforts might be obtained if a higher alcohol dose was given. Alcohol influences other social risk taking, moral judgement, sexual interest and nonsocial behaviors (Steele 1985). References: Adler J: Kids growing up scared. Newsweek 43-50, 199 ....

Word count: 1357
Page count: 5 (approximately 250 words per page)

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