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US History Essay Writing Help

The Industrial Revolution
Words: 821 / Pages: 3

.... was always required by someone else. However, the invention of Machinery and all of its accompanying peripherals allowed producers to start manufacturing on a mass scale. With factories placed in central locations of the townships (known as centralization), the previous system was dismantled and categorized into steps. No longer would one person be required to build, market or transport their product since the new system introduced the art of specialization. Specialization allowed a person to perform a single task and guarantee them wages as a source of income. However, as wonderful as this might seem, this new system led to the emergence of a n w .....

Jim Jones And The Peoples Temple
Words: 1100 / Pages: 4

.... disease and arthritis he decided to move to Ukiah, California as investigations started to take place. He started preaching that the end of the world is coming band it will end in a nuclear war. To keep members he told them Ukiah was the safest place to be if a nuclear war broke out, but then as the Temple grew he moved to Los Angeles. When suspicions were raised by newspapers on how Jim Jones was condoning illegal activities he moved again as far as he could get from the outside world. When Jones decided to move to the lush jungle of Guyana no one questioned him they seemed happy on their 4,000 acres of dense jungle away from the outside. The temple .....

Major Personalities Behind The Secularization Of Music
Words: 1744 / Pages: 7

.... some of the later developments that were made in music, one has to look back on the beginning of western musical thought. Many people associate the beginning of the western world with the tribes that migrated and eventually conquered the Pelopeniasian lands, the area that was eventually called Greece. Greece was one of the first cultures to emerge in the west outside of the Fertile Crescent. It was certainly the first to leave clues as to how the culture thought. Greek scholars like Aristotle, believed that music should be grouped up as to its purpose. There was the solemn, disciplined and restrained music, Apollonian, and the wild, emotional, unre .....

Jazz 2
Words: 496 / Pages: 2

.... how the instruments answer each other with a different beat, and dynamics. Maged Saleh Professor, Ferguson Jazz Open Listening Report "All I Want" The piece called "All I want" was written by Bobby Mcferrin.. In this piece I would say that the texture stayed the same most of the time. It starts out with a very slow tempo. It is like walking in a desert without water. The tempo keeps on dragging you to a faster and more dynamic sound. When that happens it is like taking the first taste of water after a long walk in the desert. The violin plays as the main instrument when it comes to the faster tempo and dynamic part. The clarinet on the other hand ta .....

Johann Sebastian Bach 2
Words: 934 / Pages: 4

.... music is already evident through his childhood. Bach was born into a musical family in Eisenach. His father, before dying, taught him the basic skills of strings and an organist at a church taught him how to play the organ. When both of his parents died, he continued to devote his early life to music. His brother Johann Christoph continued to teach him how to play the organ. Furthermore, he won a scholarship and became part of the school choir of poor boys in Luneburg. Already seen was his sheer genius and talent that he possessed for music. Clearly, his childhood played a big factor of building a solid foundation for his music. Bach’s heart i .....

The History Of The Ku Klux Klan
Words: 1161 / Pages: 5

.... "hate group" in the country. The men decided to make a club to help release the stress of the times. The men were all poor and could not afford to make gowns or great costumes for the group, so they decided to use linens. They wore the linens over their backs and put pillowcases on their heads. They also draped the linens over their horses. The Ku Klux Klan was going to ride for the first time. In the beginning, the men wanted to do nothing more than play pranks on people. However, the people were more frightened than they were cheered up. They soon realized what they could do with these fear tactics. The South had turned into a place that was no l .....

Events Leading To The American Revolution
Words: 996 / Pages: 4

.... of anger will become a huge conflagration as the rights are slowly rescinded. On October 19, 1765 the Stamp Act Congress and Parliamentary Taxation committee's passed some laws that attempted to strengthen the grip of the English crown. "I.That his Majesty's subjects in these colonies, owe the same allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain that is owing from his subjects born within the realm, and all due subordination to that august body, the Parliament of Great Britain." This statement can be used as a summation of the entire document that the Stamp Act Congress had initiated. The statement depicts the colonists has having to be submissive .....

Prisoners Of War
Words: 528 / Pages: 2

.... busy by working, and the odd time even got a chance to play baseball, soccer or some athletic game to stay in shape. 2 They were surrounded by twenty-four hour guard surveillance in the middle of nowhere, so it would be quite useless to attempt to escape, especially at the risk of being gunned down at any given time. The POW were always having to turn their back and keep an eye out for one another. They were considered to be "hostages" and were treated like the enemy. The concentration camps were not very large but were numerous. They contained about 500-600 warriors and were divided into groups of under sixteen, older than sixteen, and of .....

The History Of General Motors Corp.
Words: 2137 / Pages: 8

.... business by working hard and keeping the customer at the top of the list. The General Motors Corporation was founded in 1908 by a gentleman by the name of William Durant. Durant was special in the way that he could build a horse drawn carriage from the ground up. In the early 1900's a neighbor watched as Durant built these carriages and offered to buy it once he had finished. Durant was building that particular one for himself but promised to put his neighbor on a list and build him one next. His popularity grew and along with it so did his wealth. He became wealthy enough that in 1908 he began his own company and named it the General Motors. .....

The Emergence Of Ghettos
Words: 697 / Pages: 3

.... gathered in one area, where it is known today as the ghettos. Moreover, as the years progressed the factories were starting to close down and move to the suburbs. As the factories left, this left many blacks jobless and stuck in the ghettos. Urban problems were also a major effect on the ghettos. Railroads had brought many blacks up from the south and into the ghettos. More importantly, blacks were competition to the whites for jobs. During the 1900-1920 time period racial violence broke out in major cities around the nation. Riots took cities by storm. Blacks that lived in white neighborhoods had their homes blown up. Blacks were being thrown off .....

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