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Health Essay Writing Help

Meniere's Symptoms
Words: 504 / Pages: 2

.... or fullness in the ear. This sensation is sometimes felt most strongly right before a vertigo attack. You may feel fine between attacks, or hearing or balance problems may continue between attacks. Although Meniere's usually affects only one ear, it can occasionally develop in both ears. Your doctor can confirm a diagnosis of Meniere's. Then you and your doctor can discuss how Meniere's affects your life and develop a plan to manage your symptoms. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, medications, medical procedures, and certain types of surgery. Meniere's disease is almost always idiopathic, which means that no specific cause for the di .....

AIDS:Is There A Cure? Are There Preventions?
Words: 1091 / Pages: 4

.... get AIDS is by dirty intravenous needles. It is transmitted by the blood or other body fluids on the needle, and when someone else then uses the same needle, they have a high risk of catching the virus. The third most common way AIDS is spread is by blood transfusions. This is done almost the same way as by IV needle but it is always by the blood.(Madaras,187) The most rare way the AIDS virus is spread is by a mother passing it to fetus inside her.(Madaras,188) AIDS is a very rapidly-spreading disease although it is only spread four ways. Ten years ago only two cases of AIDS were known. Nine years ago only seven cases were known. In 1983 .....

Biological And Chemical Weapons!!
Words: 3587 / Pages: 14

.... viral, bacterial, fungal, rickettsial or even protozoan. Biological agents are preferred over chemical agents at times because of the fact they have the potentials to mutate, reproduce, multiply and spread over an extensive geographical territory through wind, animal and insect transmission. Also, unlike chemical weapons, due to itsí lively state biological agents tend to find niches, and continue to grow exponentially without termination. Because it hardly reaches a closure, biological weapons are not widely used. Nevertheless, history states it has been used during World Wars (I & II), cold war, and last but not least, also very recently in .....

How Alcohol May Affect Human Behaviour
Words: 1068 / Pages: 4

.... is so widely used. The effects of alcohol on a individual's body vary according to: (2) with the amount consumed. the way the alcohol is taken. the individual's body (size weight, health). the individual's experience. the individual's mood. the circumstance in which alcohol is consumed (with food, in a social gathering, with other drugs etc.) The immediate effects of alcohol on an individual varies but can produce a wide range of effects including: (2) Loss of inhibitions. Flushing and dizziness. General impairment of brain and nervous system functions. General loss of co-ordination. .....

Words: 1209 / Pages: 5

.... suffer from such symptoms as: delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders. Delusions are false beliefs that aren't based on reality. Schizophrenics may believe that someone is following them, or planning to harm them. Schizophrenics believe that others can hear their thoughts, also known as Broadcasting, and even change them. ex...hear their thoughts, insert thoughts into their minds, or control their feelings, actions or impulses. Patients might think they are Jesus, Napoleon, or Franklin D. Roosevelt. @ (American Psychiatric Association Annual >90 page 1) Pregnant women who experience an immune reaction that presents danger to .....

Words: 955 / Pages: 4

.... abuse. is different then normal sadness or grief. Clinical has many related symptoms; trouble sleeping, eating disorders, withdrawal and inactivity from loved ones, self-punishment, and loss of pleasure. often misunderstood by the public, yet it affects many people of all ages. It is estimated that one in five people will suffer from at some point in their lives. strikes men and women of all ages. might also bring a person to suicide. Often family members try to help them and it is sometimes hard to help them. They often need to get professional help to get over their . There are also drugs in the market today that can also cause a person .....

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Words: 1015 / Pages: 4

.... around them. However, on some occasions, they may appear "normal", leading others to believe that the person with ADHD can control such behaviors. As a result of this, ADHD can hinder the person's relationships and interactions with others in addition to disrupting their daily life and lowering self-esteem. To determine whether or not a person has ADHD, specialists must consider several questions: Do these behaviors occur more often than in other people of the same age? Are the behaviors an ongoing problem, not just a response to a [temporary] situation? Do the behaviors occur only in one specific place or in several different settings? In answering .....

The History Of Medicine
Words: 1138 / Pages: 5

.... accidental or battle wounds, cutting up animals, and even cannibalism. Tools used as weapons were being used to make incisions. Licking and sucking were replaced by bloodletting , scarification , amputation, and surgery with stone tools. Copying the acts of previous monkeys, the first casts were made of dried mud put directly on wounds. Fire brought not only burns, but cautery . Civilization came to be around 12,000 BC. Diseases were treated if minor with domestic remedies such as diet, herbs, plasters, and massage. Often, if the case was severe, the patient was killed to relieve the community of his burden, or the healer was summoned. O .....

Abortion: Abusive Parents
Words: 882 / Pages: 4

.... a child who has been born, then goes through the pain of having an abusive parent. If the parents are exposed to the authorities they will go to jail and lose the rights to the child, and with proper counseling and therapy the child will live a normal life. Yet, if the child is unborn, the mother can do whatever she would like, even if it means harming the baby and the authorities can do nothing. When the baby is born, the child might have irreparable brain damage or some physical defect and would not be able to live a normal life, for the rest of it's life. The abuse that the unborn child goes through is the same as if it was born but the severit .....

Development Of The Human Zygote
Words: 2396 / Pages: 9

.... fertilization, which takes place in the Fallopian tube, the embryo starts to cleave once every twenty-four hours (Fig. 1). Until the eight or sixteen cell stage, the individual cells, or blastomeres, are thought to have the potential to form any part of the fetus (Leese, Conaghan, Martin, and Hardy, April 1993). As the blastomeres continue to divide, a solid ball of cells develops to form the morula (Fig. 1). The accumulation of fluid inside the morula, transforms it into a hollow sphere called a blastula, which implants itself into the inner lining of the uterus, the endometrium (Fig. 1). The inner mass of the blastula will produce the embryo, .....

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