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Health Essay Writing Help

Words: 629 / Pages: 3

.... with the death of an unborn baby? The answer to both of the questions is, yes. is wrong, cruel and most of all, it goes against the word of GOD. When a woman decides to have sex she is taking the chance of getting pregnant, even if she uses protection. If she doesn't want to get pregnant she shouldn't have sex, and she should be responsible enough to suffer the consequences. For example, Carrie is very promiscuous and finds out that she is pregnant, so she goes and has an . Next time Carrie finds out that she has HIV, well she can't pay someone to get rid of her problem so she has to deal with it. Why shouldn't she have to deal with the fact .....

Teen Smoking
Words: 537 / Pages: 2

.... feel like they 'fit in' and they want to rebel at the same time. "U.S. News discussed the smoking issue with twenty teenagers from suburban Baltimore. Half were boys, half girls, and all were between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Over more than four hours of conversation, it became clear that most teens smoked for two seemingly contradictory reasons: They want to be part of a peer group, while rejecting society and its norms. They want to reach out and rebel at the same time."(Roberts 38) Tobacco companies spend four billion dollars each year in advertising and promotional costs and claim there is no health risk. Six hundred thousand people di .....

What Is PMS?
Words: 787 / Pages: 3

.... the cause of PMS. Study suggests that PMS is most likely caused by hormonal changes that occur before each period. It is also very unclear why some symptoms have minor effects while other have major effects. Who Experiences PMS? It said in some evaluations that approximately 10 percent of women that are menstruating experience extreme premenstrual symptoms. PMS can happen at any time in a menstruating woman's life. It usually appears in women in their early twenties through thirties. *PMS is reported by mostly women who- -have had children -had pregnancy complications (such as toxemia) -report minor pain and cramping with periods -eat high in s .....

Words: 840 / Pages: 4

.... also took a different turn. I never thought would even come near me. Last year in May, my sister, dad, and I were driving down to California. And it was about seven o'clock in the morning and my sister was driving. Then she fell asleep and starting driving off the road. She swerved back on the road really hard, which made the car flip over four times. Then we were rushed to the hospital and stayed there for about an hour. My sister and I were all right but my dad was in critical condition. My dad ended up only loosing his pinky finger. Just being in that situation made my outlook on life and different. I couldn't bear the fact that my da .....

Reproductive Technologies: Does Choice Mean Freedom?
Words: 1715 / Pages: 7

.... charged that a women could not possibly have true freedom of choice but a choice which is basically decided for her, whether it be by the limited choices made available to her by medical science or by the men which are directly involved with them in the decision. In order to truly understand this issue we must look at it's core, reproductive technology. This is a vast area to discuss because it ranges from artificial insemination to abortion to contraception to genetic engineering with many area in between. Artificial insemination is the introduction of sperm to an ovum artificially either inside or outside the female genital tract. Aborti .....

Assisted Suicide: An Easier Way Out
Words: 565 / Pages: 3

.... despairing disease such as AIDS, that person may not want to live the rest of their short life with all the pain and frustration. Next, the terminally ill might injure their body even more by taking up the decision in their own hands. Offering help in assisted suicides to the fatally ill would prevent anything like this from happening. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals created a law that prohibited physicians from helping their patients die (Lemonick, p.82). Now, patients who are terminally ill and who wish to die might decide to kill themselves in a manner that is less humane than with a lethal injection or dosage of medicine. This .....

Von Willebrandís Disease
Words: 2937 / Pages: 11

.... is probably the most common hereditary bleeding disorder and may occur in up to one percent of the population (sixty-two million people worldwide). Patients with von Willebrand disease have either have stopped the production of von Willebrand factor or they produce a molecule that does not function normally, which cause their platelets do not adhere properly when blood vessels are injured, therefor it takes longer for a blood clot to form. In some patients, the factor VIII (the anti-hemophilic factor that helps blood clot) is also reduced, and blood clotting is severally impaired. In patients with hemophilia, the primary problem is the decrease or .....

Words: 1012 / Pages: 4

.... a consensus that an infant is the most precious form of life on earth, and needs to be protected under law. The philosophical and religious question behind the pro-choice/pro-life argument is: when does life become human life?. After that occurs, terminating life is a form of murder which many people believe can only be justified to prevent the death or extremely serious injury to the mother. Unfortunately, there is no consensus of when that event occurs. Many people believe that happens at conception. That is, a just-fertilized egg is a full human being and should be protected as such. Some hold this belief because of their religious faith. The .....

Steroids And Their Affects On The Human Body
Words: 1201 / Pages: 5

.... growth and repair body tissue. It comes from the Greek word anabolikos meaning "constructive." Steroids are basically made up of hormones. Picture: One woman training to make the 1984 US women's basketball team used them, her muscles started to bulge, her voice grew deeper, and she even had the beginnings of a mustache. These are all the usual symptoms of anabolic steroids. Steroids were not always used for sports, they started out the same way most drugs did, medicinal purposes. Victims of starvation and severe injury profited from it's ability to build new tissue quickly. They also helped prevent muscle tissue from withering in patients who .....

Words: 372 / Pages: 2

.... Most of the time the mother of the unwanted child is very young and inexperienced or too poor to take care of the child. The child is usually malnourished, has no medical care, and gets very little attention or love. The foster care system isn't any better. Only a small percentage of the children are adopted by suitable parents. But the rest remain in the foster care system, where there is little or no personal care. In both cases, the child has a poor education because of the lack of attention and discipline. He grows up to be unproductive individual or a menace to society. Many get involved in drugs and crimes. These individuals are also .....

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