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Health Essay Writing Help

Alzheimer's Disease
Words: 2674 / Pages: 10

.... treatable, there is currently no cure for the Alzheimer variety. A general overview of Alzheimer's disease including the clinical description, diagnosis, and progression of symptoms, helps one to further understand the treatment and care of patients, the scope of the problem, and current research. The clinical definition of dementia is "a deterioration in intellectual performance that involves, but is not limited to, a loss in at least 2 of the following areas: language, judgement, memory, visual or depth perception, or judgement interfering with daily activities" (Institute,1996, p.4). The initial cause of AD symptoms is a res .....

Abortion Has Been One Of This Country's Most Controversial Topic On Hand
Words: 374 / Pages: 2

.... also suffers. Most of the time the mother of the unwanted child is very young and inexperienced or too poor to take care of the child. The child is usually malnourished, has no medical care, and gets very little attention or love. The foster care system isn't any better. Only a small percentage of the children are adopted by suitable parents. But the rest remain in the foster care system, where there is little or no personal care. In both cases, the child has a poor education because of the lack of attention and discipline. He grows up to be unproductive individual or a menace to society. Many get involved in drugs and crimes. These individ .....

Excretion And Elimination Of Toxicants And Their Metabolites
Words: 1076 / Pages: 4

.... escaped in the glomerular filtrate will need to be recovered.. Reabsorbtion begins in the tubules of the nephron. Anywhere from 65% to 90% of reabsorbtion occurs in these structures. Active reabsortion is used to recapture glucose, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients. Water and chloride ions are passively reabsorbed by the establishment of osmotic and electrochemical gradients. Both the Loop of Henley and collecting duct are used to establish these osmolar gradients. The tubule has a brush border that will absorb proteins and polypeptides through pinocytosis. These molecules are sometimes catabolised and converted into amino acids. and ret .....

Endotracheal Suctioning
Words: 2454 / Pages: 9

.... of this research problem is aimed at looking at the effects that instilling normal saline into an endotracheal tube prior to suctioning has on a patient’s oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation (SpO2) is defined according to Taber's (1993) as “the ratio of amount of oxygen present in a known volume of blood to amount of oxygen that could be carried by that volume of blood” (p. 1398). Ackerman (1993), primarily concentrated on the measurement of SpO2 via a pulse oximeter monitor was the focus of the review. Such research will aid nurses and respiratory therapists with their decision of choosing whether to use normal saline, a subject that is often .....

Rural Healthcare
Words: 2124 / Pages: 8

.... physicians in the United States actually increased by 14%! Access to health care is a major problem in rural America. In some instances, driving through dangerous, winding, mountainous roads, which can be impassable in winter or when it rains can hinder people receiving medical services. Winstead-Fry, Tiffany, and Shippee-Rice (1992) stated that low incomes and high poverty rates are suffered by great amounts of the rural population, making health care insurance a relative luxury. Because of this, many ailments and injuries tend to go untreated. Another problem is the lack of physicians willing to work in rural areas. The Hill-Burton Act o .....

Hepatitis A
Words: 1094 / Pages: 4

.... called jaundice may occur, giving the skin a yellow tinge. Jaundice is a disorder symptomatic of several liver and blood diseases and is characterized by yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes, particularly the white of the eyes. Hepatogenous jaundice is caused by liver damage, particularly hepatitis. Hepatitis exists in an acute and/or chronic form. The acute form may subside after about two months or, rarely, can result in liver failutre. Chronic carriers are at risk of lasting liver disease. There are many different kinds of Hepatitis, some more serious then others. Hepatitis A, once called infectious hepatitis, is the most widespr .....

Words: 851 / Pages: 4

.... as alcohol and drug abuse). The source of the behavior varies according to age with the younger sufferers having more physiological problems which they grow out of, while with older people, stress and substance abuse play a larger role. is most common among children from the ages of 4 to 12. Estimates for the percentage of the population which will sleepwalk at least once in their lifetime range quite a bit. Some sources say that most children will walk in their sleep at least once, with 15% of them more regularly. Others claim that 18% of the population is "prone to ". There is consensus, however, on the fact that boys sleepwalk more frequently t .....

Words: 1367 / Pages: 5

.... and remission. People who are suffering from schizophrenia look relatively normal. Schizophrenics suffer from such symptoms as: delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders. Delusions are false beliefs that aren=t based on reality. Schizophrenics may believe that someone is following them, or planning to harm them. Schizophrenics believe that others can hear their thoughts , also known as Abroadcasting@ and even change them. A...hear their thoughts, insert thoughts into their minds, or control their feelings, actions or impulses. Patients might think they are Jesus, Napoleon, or Franklin D. Roosevelt.@ (American Psychiatric Association Ann .....

Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria
Words: 714 / Pages: 3

.... of resistance is the improper use of drugs. When patients feel that the symptoms of their disease have improved, they often stop taking the drug. Just because the symptoms have disappeared it does not mean the disease has gone away. Prescribed drugs should be taken until all the medicine is gone so the disease is completely finished. If it is not, then this will just give the bacteria some time to find a way to avoid the effects of the drug. One antibiotic that will always have a long lasting effect in history is penicillin. This was the first antibiotic ever to be discovered. Alexander Fleming was the person responsible for the discovery in 19 .....

Permeability Of Hydrophilic
Words: 2422 / Pages: 9

.... and vinculin confirmed formation of tight and adherence junctions. Transepithelial resistance reached a plateau of 25-35 Ohm.cm2, which was similar to the small intestine. In transport studies 2/4/A1 cell line monolayers selectively restricted the permeation of hydrophilic permeability markers proportional to molecular weight and discriminated more accurately between the molecules of intermediate molecular weight compared to Caco-2 cells. These results indicated that 2/4/A1 cells could be used as a model for hydrophilic drug absorption. INTRODUCTION The small intestine plays a crucial role in the absorption of drugs and nutrients. Exogeno .....

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