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Health Essay Writing Help

Clostridium Difficile And Psuedomembranous Colitis
Words: 698 / Pages: 3

.... showers, patient to patient contact, or any place where fecal matter could be contacted. The lack of proper aseptic techniques is the leader for the spread of this bacterium. Psuedomembranous Colitis Psuedomembranous colitis primarily affects the elderly and debilitated. It usually occurs from three to ten days after that start of antibiotic therapy, however some cases were noted to start after antibiotic therapy had been discontinued. The antibiotics that cause clostridium difficle to release the toxins that cause psuedomembranous colitis are clindamycin, ampicillian, cephalosporins, pennicillans, erythromycin, sulfamethoxazole, chloramp .....

Observational Abilities Test
Words: 1059 / Pages: 4

.... do not have different observational abilities Alternative Hypothesis (H1) : Males and females do have different observational abilities EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The study consisted of 3 groups of varying size and structure. During the initial phase, the members of the study were unaware that any test was being conducted. The locations of the test were Wilford Hall Medical Center : Primary Care Meeting, University of the Incarnate Word : World Literature Class, and University of Texas at San Antonio : Business Statistics Class. The sample sizes and constructs were as follows: Wilford Hall Medical Center : 30 people - 19 (F) 11 (M) University o .....

Veterinary Medicine
Words: 523 / Pages: 2

.... all animals, but in recent years and in the densely populated areas of the country, many have limited their practice to pets. Some specialize in the treatment of certian populations such as horses, cattle, poultry, or zoo animals. A small number of veterinarians are employed as managers of large feedlots for beef - cattle, large dairy cattle operations, and many of the increasingly large poultry farms. A few veterinarians are now becoming involved in embryo transfer work, in which fertilized eggs are removed from superior donors and transferred into the uterus of a cow of lesser genetic qualities. A minimum of six years of study after high sch .....

Abortion: Complicated Issue With Moral, Political, Ethical, Religious And Economic Factors
Words: 1030 / Pages: 4

.... a woman wanting to abort her baby? Many of the objectors to abortion (known as a either Right to Life organization, or the Pro Life Organization) do so because of religious beliefs. They believe that the fetus is a person whom has a soul, and according to their religion killing a person with a soul is a mortal sin and the killer and the mother would suffer punishment in the afterlife. Some are not religious motivated they just think that killing what they consider life is wrong, and that point brings up the hardest question to answer. When does life begin? Arguably life begins when you come out of your mothers body and are self sufficient in .....

An Essay On Abortion. Both Sides Of The Issue Are Stated
Words: 1460 / Pages: 6

.... with incomes under eleven thousand are over three times more likely to abort than those with incomes above twenty-five thousand. Unmarried women are four to five times more likely to abort than married and the abortion rate has doubled for 18 and 19 year olds. Recently the U.S. rate dropped 6 percent overall but the rate of abortion among girls younger than 15 jumped 18 percent. The rate among minority teens climbed from 186 per 1,000 to 189 per 1,000. The most popular procedure involved in abortions is the vacuum aspiration which is done during the first trimester (three months or less since the women has become pregnant). A tube i .....

Ban Smoking
Words: 669 / Pages: 3

.... minutes of life away from a smoker. (Bartecchi, 46) Although restrictions have been placed on the use of cigarettes in public areas such as restaurants and airplanes, the US has yet to place a ban on smoking. The government frequently inspects items sold to the American public. Commercial products that may be dangerous such as food, cars, and toys have been recalled in order for alterations. In the August 1995 issue of consumer reports, twenty-four products were recalled because of possible dangers to the consumer. These products included a car that may lose a wheel while in motion, a hair dryer that poses a fire hazard, and cookies that can cause .....

Soda Pop And Its Problem
Words: 466 / Pages: 2

.... this occurs this it is called diverticulitis. This doesn't occur very often though, but when it does surgery is recommended. Pop can also be a big concern for young women. If woman growing up doesn't drink enough milk between the ages 9-25 then later in life she will probably be in a wheelchair or have bone problems. Most people don't think ahead that far in life to really care. But when your older you are going to wish you would have drank more milk. People are drinking more pop than of milk nowadays because of the taste and of the advertising of these beverages. If you do not like the taste of milk there is soy milk which will give you the .....

The Spread Of AIDS
Words: 3360 / Pages: 13

.... take effective precautions. Given the right measures, no one need get AIDS. The pandemic continues: ----------------------- Many of us have forgotten about the virulence of widespread epidemics, such as the 1917/18 influenza pandemic which killed over 21 million people, including 50,000 Canadians. Having been lulled into false security by modern antibiotics and vaccines about our ability to conquer infections, the Western world was ill prepared to cope with the advent of AIDS in 1981. (Retro- spective studies now put the first reported U.S. case of AIDS as far back as 1968.) The arrival of a new and lethal virus caught us off guard. Research sugges .....

An Attempt At Understanding Dreams
Words: 3418 / Pages: 13

.... somehow avoid any dangers in my dreams by knowing that I'm dreaming and that nothing bad can happen to me. This helped me in a lot of annoying dreams before because when I'm in trouble I sometimes just “fly away” in certain situations in the dream or I just ignore it and tell the bad guy that he can't hurt me because I know it's just a dream. I have no idea until today how I'm able to do that, but it really makes me wonder. I also don't know why I had that dream a few weeks after the movie and not the same night I watched it, especially that I had completely forgotten about it until the night of the dream, at least consciously. Anyway, I .....

Euthanasia Is Religious, Medically, And Legally Wrong
Words: 1358 / Pages: 5

.... daughter would never lead a full life. Tracy Latimer was never given an opportunity for success, as her life was taken. A not guilty verdict would have told people that parents of disabled children can perform both voluntary euthanasia on their children. In the United States, euthanasia was voted on for the first time in the state of Washington. Although polls before the vote revealed strong support for it,the ballot was defeated by fifty-four to forty-six percent,and euthanasia remains illegal in Noth America. In addition to violating civil law,euthanasia also contradicts the laws of many religions of the world. It is God who controlls life and deat .....

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