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Health Essay Writing Help

Words: 1767 / Pages: 7

.... This helps to show that AIDS knows no geographical boundries (Folks). This disease has been likened to the Black Plaque that decimated Europe during the middle ages. By April 1984, scientists had identified the virus responsible for AIDS and by March 1995 developed a blood test for it (Combating AIDS 355). This quick progress in the battle even lead Heckler, the secretary of health and human services, to say that a cure was just a few years away. Today, no cure is available and no sure treatment for AIDS symptoms is at hand. People are still contracting and dying from AIDS at an alarming rate. AIDS is a fatal disease that does not kill the pa .....

Abilities Of People With Disabilities
Words: 702 / Pages: 3

.... is to show ways people with disabilities are discriminated against and to show what is being done to stop this raping of the human heart. Got a weight problem? Sure, there are a lot of diets you could try, but why not exercise your right as a victim and strike back at discriminatory employers? You might not lose any weight ,but at least you can get the job you deserve. This is possible because of the courts and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission wants to extend protections under the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act to obese people. In December of 1993 a Federal Appeals Court ruled unanimously to .....

The Dangers Of Sniffing Glue
Words: 374 / Pages: 2

.... Repeated use or deep inhalation can cause confusion, loss of control and even loss of consciousness. Long term effects of glue inhalation include kidney and liver damage, and damage to the central nervous system (including the brain). Sniffing glue out of a plastic bag can cause suffocation. If you pass out the bag can remain stuck to your face. Never leave someone who's been sniffing glue on their own. Many sudden deaths are caused by glue sniffing. The location of where someone sniffs can be a danger too. Busy roads, railways, building sites, canals and rivers become extremely dangerous if you've been sniffing solvents. You could fall in a ri .....

Iron Absorption From The Whole Diet: Comparison Of The Effect Of Two Different Distributions Of Daily Calcium Intake
Words: 1435 / Pages: 6

.... to absorb iron. Recent studies have shown that eating a normal daily allowance of calcium cuts iron absorption by as much as 50-60%(Hallberg et al. p.118). Other studies examine the affect of iron bioavailability on menstruating, pre- menopausal, and post-menopausal women(Rossander-Hulten et al and Gleerup et al). One of the fears of an increased amount of calcium intake is the increased possibility of anemia in women who are already susceptible to this condition. The iron inhibition by calcium is a classical example of how the correction of one nutritional problem can be the cause of another. The physiological mechanism of this calcium-iro .....

Sexual Transmitted Diseases Defined
Words: 1664 / Pages: 7

.... infections reported than female cases. This is caused by prostitutes and homosexual contacts. 50 percent or more infections result from homosexual contacts. Other infections like syphilis, herpes, and HIV infection may be passed on to the fetus or during childbirth. The fetus or baby can suffer from the disease and can die from it. The helping of STDs has three parts: treatment, counseling, and following up. Sometimes treatment is given in a single dose but in sometimes you have to take it more than once. A person can still be infected even if the symptoms go away. That is why a follow-up visit is important. To avoid spreading the infection th .....

Abortion And My Own Thoughts
Words: 845 / Pages: 4

.... Now according to these figures we, as the United States, killed/aborted 1,984,000 fetus'. Sure we could keep down the increase in our population at this rate, but where would we be emotionally? Speaking from a “my” point of view, I wouldn't get to far. I enjoy children profusely and thinking that there are 1.9 million children less in the world every year sends shivers down my spine. But I guess you may say that it is not my place to speak. There are fewer deaths per million abortions than per million births according to the Planned Parenthood survey of 1995. There are nine deaths per million abortion procedures and sixty-three deaths per .....

Plagues And Diseases
Words: 2566 / Pages: 10

.... Perhaps it is our inherent morbid curiosity. So, the question is, if these events happened once, why can't they happen again? Let us take a look at the most horrible, so far, of the plagues: The Black Death. It took Europe by storm from approximately 1345 to 1361. It would also make small comebacks throughout the next 400 years, but never like it did the first time. It also reached into Africa, China, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries. It was truly a worldwide pandemic. But, it has a secondary effect that not many people are aware of. The colonies of Greenland, settled by the Vikings, were stricken by the plague and they soon dis .....

Restraints On Alzheimer Patients
Words: 1132 / Pages: 5

.... methods to treat confusion include restraints both physical and Chemical; increased monitoring, including the use of sitters; and nonspecific supportive treatment such as clear communication are all common methods of treatment for the confused patient (p.65). At that time in my nursing career in the mid-90s, I was a new graduate nurse; I had minimal experience dealing in the clinical setting with confused patients and the use of restraints. However, I have had theory on the subject "restraints", and was familiar with the types of restraints, such as; physical, chemical, manual and mechanical, but I was unfamiliar with the proper use of these devic .....

Words: 1341 / Pages: 5

.... occurs sometime between the ages of 15 and 45 with the intensity fluctuating over a period of time (Crider, Goethals, Kavanaugh, & Solomon, 1989). , like other psychopathologies has many documented, and several uncertain causes. Some scientists have evidence that pregnant mothers have experienced an immune reaction that presents dangers to the unborn child. is a disorder where the body’s immune system attacks itself. is not present at birth but develops during the adolescence period or young adulthood. is a biological brain disease affecting thinking, perception, mood, and behavior. Its exact cause is unknown but overwhelming evidence point .....

Words: 393 / Pages: 2

.... a hope for the procedure in the future. Pigs were found to be the best donors in this process. Pigs are easily raised, have similar organs that are comparable in size and physiology to that of humans. Further more, pigs are free from the known pathogens that would put the general human population at risk, and few would voice ethical concerns about them being slaughtered for transplants since they are currently being killed for human consumption. could affect the overall quality of human life, if perfected. People would suffer less from hemophilia, diabetes, Alzeimers, Parkinson’s diseases, and aids. People would no longer have to wai .....

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